Voting Machines Registered Democrats on Straight Republican Tickets in PA

There is an effect fear has on the human mind. If we begin to hear of something happening and we dread it, then our mind begins to make connections that are not there. Like, when you talk about being alone at home for the evening with co-workers, then find you do not remember leaving a glass on the table. You begin to think that there has been an intruder.

Likewise, we have heard for months that the Democrats were going to rig the election. Trump and others have claimed that the election was bought and paid for already. And this has had a similar effect on our minds. We are looking for something to happen, searching for signs of the conspiracy.

Well, now we do not have to look far.

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Breitbart reports

Voting machines in Pennsylvania were registering straight Republican votes as Democratic votes early Tuesday, officials say.

The error was due to a calibration issue in Lebanon County’s voting machines, where five machines out of the 270 machines available in the county malfunctioned, Penn Live reported.

Many of us will scream foul. That this is evidence that there is a grand conspiracy afoot. In their minds, the glitch is proof that these machines have been tampered with. And the part that seals the deal is the fact that Pennsylvania is a battleground state.

But, what if these votes were not allowed to stand?

Breitbart continued

Voters saw the errors after they reviewed their ballots before officially filing them.

When questioned about the issue, no one reported their votes were incorrectly cast, according to Lebanon County Election Director Michael Anderson.

Anderson said the issue was fixed and there was no indication that anyone’s votes were incorrectly registered in the system.

So, no harm no foul, right? Well, there are the issues that other states have faced.
In Utah, poll workers have had to resort to paper ballots because the machines in Washington County faced a programming problem.

In Texas, a computer used by election clerks at a Houston-area polling station malfunctioned and voters had to be sent to another polling station two miles away.

I am sure this is just glitches, but the conspiracy nuts will be on the prowl soon enough.

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