Will Voter Fraud See Hillary Elected, Just Like it Elected Obama?

There is no denying that the 2012 election was plagued with voter fraud and I truly believe that Obama was elected due to voter fraud and that Mitt Romney should have been our President for the past 4 years.

There were numerous cases of voter fraud. In Cincinnati, one poll worker was convicted of voting for numerous members of her own family, some of whom were dead. In Cleveland, 146 precincts reported 100% of the vote going to Obama, which according to many experts is a statistical impossibility. Also in Ohio, judges ruled that voters did not even have to have a permanent address in order to register to vote which meant that anyone could have registered in different locations and cast votes in each location. There were reports of dead people, illegal aliens, convicted felons and even pets voting. Some Democrats were caught teaching others how to register to vote in more than one state and to vote more than once. There were also a number of reports of voting machines changing Romney votes to votes for Obama.

A new report just released shows just how easy it is for anyone to hack into a voting machine and control the votes it records. Andrew Appel, a Princeton professor with the help of some graduate students, took only 7 seconds to pick the voting machine’s lock and only 7 minutes to install his own firmware to control the voting machine.

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Makes you wonder just how accurate Donald Trump’s claim that the election will be rigged. It was rigged in 2008 and even more so in 2012 and I strongly suspect that the incidence of voter fraud and rigged election results this November will be the most ever.

Consider the fact that Obama won the general vote 62,615,406 votes to Romney’s 59,142,004 votes. The electoral votes were 332 for Obama and 206 for Romney. But take a look at how close the race was in some of the states that Obama won.

In Ohio, Obama won the popular vote 2,697,260 to Romney’s 2,593,779, a difference of only 103,481. Then think about all of the polls in Cleveland that mysteriously reported 100% of the vote going to Obama and the Cincinnati poll worker who voted for other family members and then the ruling of the liberal judge and reports of voting machines changing Romney votes to Obama votes. What if voter fraud had not been so rampant in Ohio and Romney actually won 52,000 more votes than he was credited. That would have given Romney the victory in Ohio along with the state’s 18 electoral votes. That would have made the total 314 Obama to 224 Romney.

Now consider that the same close call occurred in Florida where Obama won by only 74,189 votes helping him capture the state’s 29 electoral votes. How many illegals and dead people voted in Florida? It would only have taken 37,100 to have made a difference and narrowing the difference in electoral votes to 285 Obama to 253 Romney.

The same could be said for Colorado, controlled lately by liberal Democrats who have joined many of Obama’s anti-Second Amendment and green policies. Obama won by only 113,099 votes. How many illegals and dead people voted in Colorado? How many Democrats voted more than once in different locations? A difference of only 56,550 votes would have secured Colorado’s 9 electoral votes, bringing the total to only 276 to 262.

The differences in Delaware and Iowa were also less than 100,000 votes. Had voter fraud been as rampant in those states (consider that Biden is from Delaware), that would have been enough to turn the electoral votes to 271 Romney to 267 Obama and the past four years would have been much different.

Most likely, we would not be having nearly as much racial issues with black activists like Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers and Al Sharpton. The rest of the world have taken the US more seriously and we would have entered into such a lop-sided and anti-American deal with Iran and we would not be in bed with a number of Islamic terrorist organizations. We would not have paid Iran $400 million ransom nor would we have traded 5 top Taliban terrorists for one US Army deserter and we wouldn’t have a person in the White House telling everyone that climate change is our greatest problem and enemy instead of the threat of Islamic terrorism here in the US, possibly due to the tens of thousands of Muslims Obama has let into the country.

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