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Voter Fraud Concerns in Alabama Prompt Lawsuit to Block Doug Jones

In one of the most improbable electoral surprises of the year, a liberal democrat named Doug Jones won a special election for the Alabama senate seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions.

Alabama is, of course, one of the nation’s most conservative locales, lending a certain air of confidence to the campaign of republican icon Roy Moore in the state’s special election of just weeks ago.  Moore, however, fell victim to the liberal spin cycle in a big way.

In a pathetic campaign to upend Moore’s certain victory, the left preyed upon the trending fears of the nation by alleging that Moore had put himself into inappropriate situations with several women in the past, branding the candidate with a scarlet letter that the left refused to acknowledge the error of after the 40 year old allegations fell apart.  Even after the most “credible” accuser admitted that she had forged a note from Moore in her yearbook, there was no way to undo the damage that the mainstream media had so meticulously planned.

Jones ended up “winning” the race, but Moore’s lawyers are now saying “not so fast”.

“Republican Roy Moore filed a lawsuit to try to stop Alabama from certifying Democrat Doug Jones as the winner of the U.S. Senate race.

“The court filing occurred about 14 hours ahead of Thursday’s meeting of a state canvassing board to officially declare Jones the winner of the Dec. 12 special election. Jones defeated Moore by about 20,000 votes.

“Moore’s attorney wrote in the complaint filed late Wednesday that he believed there were irregularities during the election and said there should be a fraud investigation and eventually a new election.

“‘This is not a Republican or Democrat issue as election integrity should matter to everyone,’ Moore said in a statement released Wednesday announcing the complaint.”

Voter fraud has been a key issue for the fledgling Trump presidency, with the Commander in Chief requesting the voter information from a number of states in order to conduct an independent review of the results.  Given the unruly “resistance” of the liberal left, these requests were originally denied by those who oppose the President, with the courts intervening just last week to give the White House a green light to investigate.

There is no word yet as to whether or not Moore’s challenge will be acknowledged by the left.

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