It’s Time for America’s BREXIT — Vote DEXIT in November!

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending some time with dear friends from Great Britain. I asked him about Brexit and he shared with me why so many Brits like himself voted to leave the European Union.

One of the reasons is that it was costing the UK millions of pounds a day. He likened it to the millions of dollars the US spends for the United Nations and they are tired of paying so much for so little in return. He also added that in the last World War, the British helped to defeat the Germans and many of them begrudge having Germans who head the European Union dictating to them now.

The other main reason for the Brexit vote is the issue of immigration. He explained that for years, much of central and northern England consisted of the working class who struggled to make a living. Much of the wealth is located in the southern part of the country. Over decades, millions of immigrants, legal and illegal have flooded into many parts of England, especially the central and northern parts. They are taking jobs away from English citizens, making it harder for them to make a living. Immigrants are filling the schools and many British families can’t get their kids into the schools they want or where they attended.

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Like America’s illegal immigrants, the UK immigrants receive money from the government just for being an immigrant. Many of the immigrants end up on the UK’s version of America’s welfare system. Yes, many of the immigrants are Muslims who are taking over entire communities but the problem lies with all immigrants, not just Muslims.

The bottom line is that the British people want to stop paying for the EU and stop the immigration issues, neither of which they can afford. He likened this to American voters picking Donald Trump in the primaries and sending a message that they and we are fed up with the current politicians and the way things are being done.

As I listened to him, I couldn’t help but think that the problem they are having with immigrants is the exact same problem we have the millions of illegal immigrants here in America. Thanks to Obama and other liberal Democrats, illegals have taken over entire communities, have taken jobs away from millions of American citizens and receive a ton of welfare and aid from local, state and federal governments.

If Hillary is elected, she’ll continue the same policies and perhaps give illegals even more benefits at our expense. Therefore, I believe what Americans need to do come this November is vote DEXIT – Exit from the Democrats.

We need to stand up and take our country back from the liberal Democrats who have been systematically destroying everything America has stood for.

We need to take back marriage – one man one woman.

We need to take back our country from the millions of illegals by deporting them and building a wall and then placing our military to guard our border instead of someone else’s.

We need to take back our country from the hands of atheists and Muslims and return it to the Christian nation it was established as.

We need to take back our country from those who ignore the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We need to take back our country and public schools from the clutches of socialists and liberals and go back to teaching the real history of America, along with patriotism, not globalism.

So remember, come November 8, 2016, vote DEXIT – Exit from the Democrats!

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