Vote with your Brain, Not your Emotions

Vote with your brain, not your emotions.

My “conscience” cares more about the S.C. decisions in the next 30-40 years that will (potentially) eradicate my children’s right to freedom of speech and the rights to life and liberty and the ability to pursue happiness than anything else.

I applaud the pro-life movement. But if your first amendment rights are destroyed, how will you help the world see that abortion is genocide? You want to fight for traditional marriage? Keep prayer allowed in public? Keep Muslim teaching out of school? Keep transgender society from your store bathrooms? If you’re not allowed to exert your first amendment rights, what good does it do to think any of these things? Without your first amendment rights intact (which are protected by threat of your ability to use your second amendment rights) – nothing we believe (in our consciences) will matter. Vote with your brain. My two cents.

I still have the right to my first and second amendments. Funny how so many of the right would love them taken away just as much as the left if they don’t agree ….

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