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VOCAL POINT: Jesus Christ is The Answer or Our Racial Divide

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❖ A year ago we saw the tragedy unfold in Charlottesville, Virginia as alt-right warriors battled it out with “social justice” warriors and the forces of Antifa because of a civil war statue to be removed. This bad news made worldwide headlines and gave America a black eye. After the incident, Charlottesville pastor, Dr. Mark Beliles, joined forces with a black minister to create “Healing4Charlottesville.” Travis Witt helped them to organize this city-wide prayer meeting (and beyond). Travis Witt joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss Charlottesville year later and how Jesus Christ is the answer to America’s racial divide. www.healing4charlottesville.com

❖ Evangelist Dr. Alveda King is the Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn for Priests for Life. She notes: “I’ve been praying hard about the Omarosa situation.” Omarosa, who worked in the Trump White House, recently wrote a controversial tell-all book, blasting her former boss. Dr. Alveda King has met her on various occasions, usually in the Trump White House. She writes, “At no time, on any of these occasions, did Omarosa express any of the concerns we are hearing about now. To the contrary, it’s such a shame that we live in a society where someone would be comfortable writing and saying things like she is doing for money.” Is the president a racist, as Omarosa is now alleging? Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss that issue. www.priestsforlife.org

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❖ America was founded by Christians for religious liberty which we have offered to others. We have long been a refuge to help those persecuted for conscience sake. Lately, because of the Trump administration’s goal to keep our nation safe, some Christians from countries like Iran or Iraq are having trouble getting into the United States. They are fleeing persecution in these countries. But the U.S. is, at the moment, not receiving as many refugees as we used to. Matthew Soerens of World Relief Corporation has written a couple of books on the refugee issue, including Welcoming the Stranger. Matthew Soerens joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the problem Christians seeking refuge in the U. S. are currently experiencing. www.worldrelief.org

❖ “A nation without border is no nation at all,” says Col. Douglas MacGregor. Dr. MacGregor has written the book, Margin of Victory: 5 Battles That Changed the Face of Modern War. David Gray of Virginia Military Institute notes, “The over-arching themes ofMargin of Victory stress military preparedness and adaptability to the changing character of major wars.” A graduate of West Point, Col. MacGregor has spent several years in the military, including on the borders of some nations. He believes that we must secure our nation’s borders for the safety of the nation. Dr. Douglas MacGregor, a frequent guest on various broadcasts, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss our borders on Vocal Point.


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