Vladimir Putin Extends Offer to Robert Mueller, Democratic Heads EXPLODE

There is a strange and pervasive perversion of political pontification that the American progressives are playing with these days, and it threatens us all with a doomsday from the east.

You see, the left is wholly convinced that President Donald Trump is some sort of Kremlin double agent, whose entire reason for becoming President was to advance the agenda of one Vladimir Putin and the Russian state.

Just think about how entirely farcical this sounds:  The left, who thinks that Donald Trump is a xenophobic racist, is only interested in becoming the leader of the free world, in order to brown nose a the Russians.  That would make Donald Trump the worst xenophobe of all time, especially when you consider how many immigrants he’s married.

Melania Trump
Can’t blame him one bit.

Now, as the Russian government and the US intelligence agencies find themselves in a bit of a pickle, Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have met in Finland, with Rod Rosenstein’s latest allegations of campaign meddling rearing their ugly head a number of times.

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Putin, who was almost torn from his chair by the strength of Donald Trump’s handshake, said that he would be more than willing to let Robert Mueller and his team come to Russia and participate in the questioning of those he has indicted.

And when asked whether he would extradite the 12 Russians allegedly involved, Putin instead detailed a plan, which Trump called an “incredible offer.”

Putin offered to question the 12 indicted for meddling in the election, and added that Mueller’s team of investigators could be present for questioning, if U.S. officials would “reciprocate.” He suggested this would mean Russian agents could be present for questioning U.S. officers “of interest” to them.

Meanwhile, Putin suggested he favored Trump in the election, saying, “Isn’t it natural to be sympathetic towards a person who is willing to restore the relationship with our country?” But he maintained there was no election interference.

During the debates leading up to the 2016 election, President Trump was repeatedly hounded by democratic candidate Hillary Clinton over his willingness to work hand in hand with Russia to restore the strained relationship between the two nuclear super powers.  When Trump responded with common sense and logic, the left then began attempting to smear then-candidate Trump as some sort of Kremlin asset.


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