Vladimir Putin Can’t Seem To Mind His Own Business in Comey Case

Americans as a whole are growing tired of hearing about Russia, Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin, and how they magically relate to Donald Trump wiping the floor with Hillary Clinton.

In truth, the idea that Russia was able to actually influence the U.S. election of 2016 is a silly one.

The only “hacking” that anyone has been able to prove occurred through domestic means, as the Department of Homeland Security attempted only to test the defenses of a few electronic voting machines, meaning that the Kremlin wasn’t digitally changing votes at all.

There were some strange accusations about whether or not Russia had any involvement with the leak of emails from within the Hillary Clinton campaign, but those two have been put to rest by investigators who are now pointing to deceased DNC staffer Seth Rich as the likely culprit.  His mysterious murder only helps to affirm the suspicions of those examining the case.

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So, while the FBI is continuing their bizarre probe into Russia’s likely nonexistent peddling of influence on the already-over election, Vladimir Putin is kicking back, putting his feet up, and lobbing snide remarks in Washington D.C.’s general direction.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin joked this week about offering political asylum to former FBI Director James Comey, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

“During his annual televised question-and-answer show Thursday, Putin likened Comey to Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the National Security Agency who gained asylum in Russia after he leaked classified information to WikiLeaks.

“Putin said it is bizarre when the ‘head of an intelligence service makes a record of his conversation with the commander in chief and then leaks this conversation to the media via a friend,’ Bloomberg reported.

“’How then is the director of the FBI different from Mr. Snowden?’ Putin asked. ‘Then he’s not a head of an intelligence service, he’s a human-rights activist.’”

Putin’s constant aggravation of the United States has yet to reach a boiling point, but a great many Americans are surely growing weary of the Russian President’s incessant, dull mockery.

Russia has been aggressively targeting the United States with rhetoric in recent months, threatening military action against the U.S. should they again strike Syrian forces for the illegal use of chemical weapons against civilians.  Shortly after, a similar threat was made in the case of U.S. interference in North Korea, a nation that has consistently threaten to wipe America off the map at the first chance that they get.

This is all in addition, of course, to the innumerable instances of dangerous and provocative military maneuvers conduced by Russian vessels and aircraft that have put our military men and women on high alert.

Americans’ message to Putin is clear:  Mind your own business, Comrade.

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