Vladimir Putin Agrees with Donald Trump? Maybe that’s Good! (VIDEO)

When we hear accusers say that Putin agrees with Donald Trump’s policies, we need to figure out which policies.

Media outrage that Russia hacked the DNC because Vladimir Putin agrees with Trump is getting obnoxious. A typical example:

When Edward Snowden revealed that we were hacking everyone, including our allies, and often for the sake of mere economic espionage, many did not condemn the hacking. Rather, they condemned Snowden for telling the nation about it.

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The fact that we were eavesdropping on our allies revealed that we had no respect for anyone but ourselves. Donald Trump rightly points out that if Russia and China hacked the DNC, or Hillary’s illegal server, it means they have no respect for us as a country.

In fact, if it proves true, how will our politicians claim the right to use sanctions when the NSA did much more to them?

All of this talk of Russia is meant to distract the American people from the content of those emails. As Breitbart reported,

Republican nominee Donald Trump says allegations about Russia hacking the Democratic National Committee email system are a “deflection.”

“They probably have her 33,000 emails that she lost and deleted because you’d see some beauties there,” Trump jabbed of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails, suggesting Russia may be able to recover them during his press conference in Florida on Wednesday morning.

The New Yorker also commented on one of Clinton’s campaign staffers who “said [it] could be Trump,” that orchestrated the hacking.

“I’d love to have that power. Russia has no respect for our country,” Trump stated. “It shows how weak we are.”

The media and the Democrats are hoping to scare us that Vladimir Putin agrees with Donald Trump and released the emails because he wants Trump to be President.

So what if that were true.

Vladimir Putin wants to destroy ISIS and fight Islamic terrorism. So does Trump. Hillary wants to do to Syrian what she did to Libya, making it a terrorist playground. Vladimir Putin wants to avoid World War III. So does Donald Trump. The Obama-Clinton policy establishment wants to arrogantly heat back up the cold war.

The media thinks people will care more about how the emails were revealed than the content of those emails. If they are right, then we deserve President Hillary.

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