Visibly Flustered Nancy Pelosi Jeered at Recent Town Hall

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seemed stunned to learn that she’d have to defend her record at a recent town hall. Apparently, she believed that her very liberal constituency would obviously be happy with the “work” she’s done over the last few decades. Sadly, she was in for quite a shock!

As Pelosi faced a barrage of criticism she responded in typical fashion, by incredulously reprimanding the people who were accosting her. Yes, she actually began attacking her voters and arguing that she was actually far more progressive than her audience.

When the audience began shouting that she needed to work harder to make “single payer” healthcare a reality, Pelosi attempt to convince the audience that Obamacare was actually “better” than single payer in “some” ways. This was not the response the liberal audience wanted to hear and a chorus of boos rained down on the longtime California representative. Pelosi seemed utterly flabbergasted as she responded to their jeers, “Yes, yes, yes! Do you want to listen or do you just want to speak?”

Evidently, the crowd wasn’t interested in listening to anything else until they learned where Pelosi stood on the single-payer issue (which is kind of ridiculous, considering Pelosi has always been for ever more liberal healthcare policies), and another young man stood up to question Pelosi’s stance on single-payer healthcare. Pelosi finally satisfied their curiosity and rather belligerently responded, “I have always supported that [speaking of single payer healthcare]. I have been supporting it before you were born.”

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It sure is a treat to see Pelosi get knocked down a couple of pegs, even if it is by her liberal supporters.

Just look at that “deer in the headlights” look that seems permanently plastered on her face throughout the video. 🇺🇸

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