First Amendment

Visa, MasterCard Take Stand Against Free Speech with Financial Warfare

The liberal left has somehow allowed the First Amendment to be mitigated through a campaign of corporate cacophony, and they must be stopped.

What we see today is the use of Twitter and other social media platforms to shame and embarrass a certain segment of the population, not unlike a political form of segregation.  Those who align themselves with conservatives are shunned and made to feel “unwelcome”, just like Maxine Waters asked her followers to do.

Now, under the guise of political correctness-as-law, the left is attempting to financially handicap conservatives as well by shaming those who would do business with them…or even the companies who make any sort of financial transaction possible.

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The David Horowitz Freedom Center has had their donation processing system blocked by Visa and Mastercard allegedly following a campaign by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center stated in a recent email that its ability to accept donations by credit card has been disabled by both Visa and Mastercard following a campaign by the SPLC to label the Freedom Center as a hate group. This situation comes shortly after Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch was forced off the funding platform Patreonfollowing pressure from Mastercard.

The Freedom Center is the next target of the SPLC, and they are using Mastercard and Visa again in their attempt to shut down conservative voices. In an email sent to supporters, Horowitz outlined how the SPLC had convinced Mastercard and Visa to block the Freedom Center from receiving payments and donations via credit card. In the email, Horowitz requested that supporters send donations via check to a P.O. Box.

In the email to supporters, the Freedom Center lashed out at the move by Mastercard and Visa, saying: “this blow could be the end of the Freedom Center. Decades of work, down the drain because the hateful Left wants to squash free speech and silence an organization that dares to question them.

We must remember that the SPLC is in no way an officiating arm of the government or any such thing.  They are simply an organization designed to do exactly this:  Corral and label speech into “acceptable” and “unacceptable”, and they are at the whim of whomever happens to have their finger on the button this particular year.

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