This Viral Video Shows Why the TSA Needs to Go [VIDEO]

A viral video posted to YouTube by a traveler at Chicago Midway International Airport shows massive lines of people waiting to clear security.

In a viral video entitled “TSA are you f***ing kidding me?” a man recorded fellow travelers waiting in line to get through the security checkpoint in order to board their plane. Some travelers reported waiting nearly 2 hours in line.

Warning: Profanity

The TSA had warned that because they’re understaffed, there would be longer wait times at the airport. They advised travelers to arrive at the airport early.

The longer wait times – as seen in the viral video above – are the reason that many people want to scrap the agency altogether and use private security screeners at the airport. Infowars reported:

The New York the Port Authority issued an ultimatum earlier this week in a letter that stated, “We can no longer tolerate the continuing inadequacy of TSA passenger screening services. The long waits are prompting complaints from passengers, terminal operators, and airlines alike.”

Security expert and former FBI agent Manny Gomez is calling for JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty airports to take on private screeners.

“Privatizing it would hold the people that are selected to be the screeners more accountable. It would cost the federal government infinitely less, and it would make the process a lot more streamlined and seamless,” Gomez told ABC7.

I think we’d be better of if we let the airports handle their own security, without any interference or “supervision” from a government agency. Unfortunately, I think many Americans like the security theater at airports. They want to feel safe. Going through security and being groped by an agent and/or scanned by those worthless x-ray machines don’t actually protect anyone from anything. But they might make naïve travelers feel safe, and that’s all that matters anymore.

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