Viral LGBT Center “Arson” Video Possibly a Hoax, Suspect Was Member

The left’s abuse of political correctness has sparked a cottage industry of sorts in the “hoaxed hate crime” business.

As liberals continue to attempt a wholesale rewrite of the First Amendment to include an exception for words that hurt, a number of diabolical, false flag hate crimes have been committed throughout the nation.  These acts of egregious and diabolical dissonance have run the gauntlet from the mundane to the insane, the benign to the malignant.

These charades of chicanery are simply another tactic being employed by the liberal “resistance” to President Trump, and are modeled after their baseless assertions that the Commander in Chief is some sort of supreme bigot and evil sexist that will inspire his throngs of supporters to take a stance against their fellow Americans.

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It is simple to see how the leftist hysteria surrounding Trump could coalesce into such a cognitive disconnect for these liberal lunatics.  The actions of the democrats and their fellow progressives immediately after the election of 2016 was deplorable at best, maniacal at worst.  They immediately vowed to oppose the President on any and all fronts, simply refusing to allow progress to occur at all in Washington D.C.  When that failed, they turned to an age-old maneuver in which they themselves would commit acts to pin upon their political enemies.

Of course, one of the most famous false flag attacks in history comes to us from Germany in the 1930’s as Adolf Hitler secretly ordered an arson to occur at the Reichstag, blaming the incident on a Dutch Communist as an impetus for war.  An incident in Phoenix, Arizona shows a striking resemblance to the story, right down to the crime committed.

“Authorities in Phoenix are looking for a man caught on surveillance video torching a LGBT youth center — one year after he aged out of the program.

“Darren William Beach Jr., 26, is being sought by police in connection to an intentionally set fire at the one.n.ten youth center in Phoenix on July 12. No injuries were reported, but some staffers at the youth center are ‘shaken’ by the incident.

“’Our youth whom we serve have been worried,’ a statement on the center’s website reads. ‘Some are shaken. Our staff has been juggling the many issues that surrounded this loss with a great deal of professionalism, but also with heartache and long hours … Still, this news hurts.’

“Beach began using the center’s service in 2013 and aged out in early 2016 once he turned 25, according to the center.

“’We had no warning signals from him throughout his time with us,’ the statement continues. ‘There was nothing to let on that he had anything against our organization.’”

The incident has predictably gone viral, suspiciously omitting the information that the crime was committed by a former member of the center.

Instead, the left allowed the disturbing video and story to spread across liberal Facebook pages under the auspices of the attack being bigoted in nature, turning Beach from a well-paid insider arsonist into the LGBT community’s very own Dutch Communist.

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