Violence Re-erupts in Ferguson — Obama Refuses to Do His Constitutional Duty

The criminals and thugs are at it again.  A year after the riots and looting that tore the town of Ferguson apart, criminals and thugs turned what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration into a running gun battle.  Of course, anyone who really thought that a protest march in Ferguson would remain peaceful was either naïve or dreaming.  The same lawless thugs who turned Ferguson into a bonfire while looting most of its business district are still there and they are still up to their old ways.  Why would they change?

Rather than send in federal law enforcement officers to help the overpowered Ferguson Police Department quell the riots and lock up the perpetrators, President Obama took the side of the criminals and portrayed them as victims of racism. Anyone with an ounce of sense could have told the president that when dealing with people you get more of what you reward and less of what you punish. Beyond that, someone should have told the president about his constitutional responsibility to ensure that everyone in Ferguson—not just the criminals who were burning the town down—received “equal protection of the laws” as prescribed in the 14th Amendment.

But rather than help provide law-abiding citizens in Ferguson—especially business owners—equal protection under the law, President Obama ignored this responsibility and instead used federal law enforcement agencies to bully and harass local law enforcement officials.   Observing events in Ferguson, an alien from another planet would have thought the Ferguson police were the criminals and the looters the good guys.  Working in concert with the mainstream media, the president ensured that violent criminals were treated with kid gloves while outmanned police officers were bullied and abused.

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Now the violence in Ferguson has erupted again.  Only a fool would have failed to predict this. After all, when the President of the United States says that looting, rioting, and burning are understandable responses to anger and frustration, criminals are encouraged to loot, riot, and burn—not to mention attack the police, which they did. The so-called peaceful protestors in Ferguson threw glass bottles and rocks at police officers engaged in crowd control and sprayed them with pepper spray.  One officer was hospitalized and two more received minor injuries.  Shortly thereafter, gunshots were fired.

Two rival gangs in Ferguson had been feuding, as gangs will do, and suddenly they opened fire on each other.  When police responded, they were fired at.  One of the shooters, 18 year old Tyrone Harris, Jr. was wounded by police and taken to the hospital.  Note that he was still armed when taken taken into custody and his weapon had been fired, but his father—evoking memories of Michael Brown’s father—is already claiming Harris was not armed.  I wonder whose side the mainstream media and President Obama will take in this case?

Had President Obama done his job as prescribed in the Constitution and had he allowed the Ferguson Police Department to do theirs, the criminals who were just laying in wait for another opportunity to do what criminals do might not have been so quick to turn a protest march into a gun battle.  But Barack Obama has shown a marked tendency to ignore laws he does not like as well as his duties as president.

There is no excuse for the senseless violence and destruction that occurred in Ferguson a year ago or the violence that erupted last week. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his fellow leaders in the Civil Rights movement proved that non-violent protest in which the protestors take the high road even when the police and other authorities don’t is the most effective way to bring about social change. Burning, looting, and violence help no one, but what is even worse is that they hurt the very people who need help the most.

In Ferguson, the protestors and rioters tried to blame their destructive actions on the police with a heavy emphasis on a “white police versus black citizens” narrative.  But Ferguson now has a black police chief and many of the victims of the past riots, looting, and arson were themselves black, so it is unclear exactly how the narrative will play out this time around.  Of course, the mainstream media will do everything it can to portray the police officers who shot it out with Tyrone Harris, Jr. as the bad guys.  Media mavens would like nothing better than more violence, looting, riots, and arson to light up their nightly news broadcasts and morning newspapers.  And President Obama? He will do what he always does—ignore his constitutional duties and portray the police as modern day Simon Legrees.

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