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Violence Against President Trump ENCOURAGED at Providence College

Led by an unhinged democratic nightmare machine, political decorum has taken a nosedive on the left side of American in 2017.

Last year’s election was a harrowing moment for the democratic party, who watched in horror as their presumptive President Hillary Clinton fell into an abyss that only her own unethical antics could have created.  The absolutely mania that followed was unprecedented, as the left radicalized and began a campaign of horror and terror aimed at our newly elected President, his conservative base, and patriotic Americans everywhere.

These attacks came hard and fast, and turned from cringeworthy to gruesome seemingly overnight.  Protests quickly gave way to scenes of murder, beheading, and defeat, all with facsimiles of our Commander in Chief front and center.  The effigies and violent propaganda has continued just this week, with hip hop has-been Snoop Dogg releasing a new single whose artwork depicts the President laying on a morgue table, covered in a crisp white sheet, with a toe-tag, just in case you thought that Snoop wasn’t continuing to ride that millennial money train into retirement.

While celebrities are almost expected to act like brats when it comes to politics, those Americans entrenched in academia surely have a more tactful approach.

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Or do they?

“Earlier this week, the Board of Multicultural Student Affairs at Providence College, a Rhode Island-based private college, reportedly placed a pumpkin on a table inside their office and encouraged students to stab it to relieve stress. To make things more interesting, they called it ‘Trumpkin’ after President Donald Trump.

“The display was first made public by the Providence College Republicans in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“A student at Providence College, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, told the Daily Wire that while the pumpkin was situated inside their office, it was very much visible from the outside and that bypassing tours or anyone going to the college’s Alumni Hall Cafe could see it.

“The student also suggested that the administration revealed a double standard in its response (or lack thereof) to the ‘Trumpkin’ incident. Prior to the Trumpkin incident, a Snapchat image was shared around campus of a student dressing up as New Orleans-based rapper Li’l Wayne with a caption displaying the n-word. While the administration sent out several lengthy statements denouncing the inappropriate Halloween costume, and even planned a campus-wide teach-in in response, the administration provided no public denunciation of the violent Trumpkin display.”

This is precisely the vitriol that the radical left hopes to impregnate the malleable minds of miscreant millennials with.

Stabbing the “Trumpkin” and getting a few laughs with your college buddies reinforces a behavior in these young people where acceptance comes at a moral price.  Then, when protests erupt or riots begin, as they have in several college towns this year, these Pavlovian punks will line up like lemmings to make ruckus in the name of looking cool in front of their peers.

Worse yet:  Actual violence against the President of the United States would likely be worshipped by the radical left, and the weight of that regard could easily seduce the more penetrable minds of our college-aged young people.

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