VIDEO: Yellowstone Super-Volcano Gets Otherworldly Visit?

For decades, the “super-volcano” beneath Yellowstone National Park has astounded geologists, tourists, and conspiracy theorists the world over.

For doomsday enthusiasts, the enormous geological powder keg underneath Yellowstone is the stuff of legend.  Depending on which “experts” you ask, we are hundreds, if not thousands, of years overdue for an eruption at the site which would likely cause one of the most devastating extinction events of all time as the blast sends ash, dirt, dust, and debris skyward, blocking out the sun for years and ushering in an age of cold, dark, fruitless harvests.

While most human beings on the planet spend their entire lives not worrying about the “inevitable” explosion, according to a newly released webcam video, it seems that folks from other planets may be concerned enough to take a peek for themselves.

“A video has popped up on YouTube which purportedly shows a UFO zigzagging over the Yellowstone volcano.

“The choppy video, which is more than 3 minutes in length, appears to show a metallic object in the sky. A bright light emerges from the object for a few seconds and then it speeds off into the distance. The video was taken on June 9, but only recently uploaded to the video-sharing site.”

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You can judge for yourself below:

Like most “UFO” footage, this piece is particularly difficult to decipher what exactly we’re looking at, but that hasn’t lessened the concern over what lies beneath the famed National Park.

Yellowstone’s massive volcano will erupt someday, and when it does, it could spell massive trouble for the entire world.  Experts have grown increasingly concerned in recent years thanks to “quake swarms” numbering in the hundreds that have plagued the park.  This year’s data shows around 400 separated incidents of rumbling below the surface – a number comparable to previous periods of increased activity in the mid to late 2000’s.

Regardless of any possible alien visitation, U.S. National Parks are a great way to enjoy the splendor that our great nation has to offer, with Yellowstone being the crown jewel of the collection.

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