Video: Will Marco Rubio’s Debate Gaffe Hurt His Chances?

Pundits are wondering if Republican Senator and current presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s debate gaffe – where he repeated the same rehearsed line over and over again in Saturday’s debate – will hurt his chances for the GOP nomination.

Here’s a montage created by Fox News of Marco Rubio’s oft-repeated one-liner:

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Perhaps in his debate prep, Senator [score]Marco Rubio[/score] was advised to take opportunities to repeat that same line as often as he could to gain some advantage with voters. Either that, or he kept drawing a blank even though he knew that he had to say something. Either way, it won’t help his chances.

So much is at stake in these presidential debates. A debate gaffe like this – while seemingly insignificant taken on face value – will be torn to shreds by the media, and that’s what will be destructive of his path to the nomination.

The fact that Rubio kept repeating that same line brings to light how so much – maybe everything – in politics is rehearsed and calculated. And sometimes rehearsals just aren’t quite sufficient. Remember this debate gaffe from the last presidential primary in 2012?

If a candidate is going to win his party’s nomination and subsequently the presidency, it’s not about whether that candidate has good moral character, is intelligent, or experienced. It’s about whether he is able to woo enough voters to his side (with the help of the media, of course). If Rubio’s the guy the GOP establishment want, then we can expect the media’s criticism of his debate gaffe to wear off. Otherwise, the media’s reaction could doom his chances this time around.

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