Video: University Students not Familiar with “Supreme Court”

Dan Joseph with MRCTV visited the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, Virginia and asked numerous students basic questions about the U.S. Supreme Court. He asked students what its function was and whether they could provide some of the names of Supreme Court justices. Many of them were not familiar with it or what its purpose was.

One student responded, “The job of the Supreme Court? Umm…I know something about the checks and balances that it does?”

In response to the same question, another student said, “I mean, I know that the state and the Supreme Court should, like, give back to the community, like, I was just in Government 490 right now.” Joseph clarified, “So, give back to the –“ and the student finished his sentence with a nod of assurance, “ – community.”

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When asked if they could name a Supreme Court justice, one student answered, “There’s the one woman,” to which Joseph corrected, saying, “There are actually three women.” The student laughed and said, “There’s that really old lady.”

Another student responded, “Other than Scalia that just died? Probably not.”

“Can you name one that’s currently living?” asked Joseph to another university student. “Uhh, not off the top of my head, no,” he replied.

Another said, “I don’t really know much about the courts.” Later in the video, when asked about a replacement for Justice Scalia, this same student replied that either Judge Judy or Judge Brown – of reality court show fame – would make a good replacement for the deceased Justice. “They’d both do a much better job than Donald Trump would or probably, possibly Obama any day,” he added.

A girl couldn’t name a single Supreme Court justice, saying that she wasn’t “really up to date.” “Okay, that’s all right,” Joseph joked. “I mean, they’re only there on the court…forever. So, it’s no big deal.”

The same student in the GOVT 490 class who said that the Supreme Court was supposed to “give back to the community” also wasn’t able to name a Supreme Court justice, because “that’s not really my area of expertise.”

Take a look for yourself:

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