VIDEO: Trump Not Convinced by Putin’s Election Answer Says Preibus

Perhaps the most important meeting of Donald Trump’s young presidency occurred this week, as the finally had a face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Of course, the rendezvous was well covered in the mainstream media and within the free press.  Predictably, fake news outfits such as CNN and MSNBC had their own version of the story to tell, complete with insinuations that a fraction of a second of body language had proven, once and for all, that Donald Trump was a secret Russian operative who allowed the Kremlin to manipulate the U.S. election in order to be made President.

It’s the same tired and farcical story that we’ve been subjected to ever since the 2016 presidential debates when Hillary Clinton first suggested the nonsensical idea.

What the mainstream media failed to report on, however, was the subject of that meeting.  Specifically omitted from the fake news version of the story was the fact that Donald Trump pressed hard on Putin when it came to Russian interference in the election, and he did so immediately at the onset of the sit-down.  Furthermore, those within Trump’s administration are slowly disseminating another angle of the story in which Trump himself is nowhere near convinced that Putin told him the truth.

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Priebus, who has been an integral part of the Donald Trump White House machine from the get-go, is absolutely certain that the President is looking for a more thorough inquiry into Putin…something that flies in the face of liberal logic.

If we were to believe the mainstream media account of Trump’s willingness to use Russia to move into the White House, then why on earth would Trump ambush Putin with such assertions, especially as an opening statement in your first ever meeting?  Clearly, the attitude of the U.S. President completely contradicts the cacophonous charade of the left, and puts to rest the wild conspiracy theory that has consumed fake news pioneers such as CNN and NBC.

What these “news” outlets are afraid to admit is that America is undergoing a conservative transformation that threatens their livelihood.  Years of democratic corruption and collusion, punctuated by the unethical behavior of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, has all but assured the implosion of the DNC.  Americans as a whole are turning to traditional governmental values in increasing numbers after nearly two decades of Barack Obama’s failed leadership.

This dismantling of the democrats also spells disaster for CNN and others, who rely on malleable millennials and dimwitted democrats in order to sell advertising space on their entertainment network.

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