VIDEO: Tina Fey Uses Soapbox To Shame Women For Voting for Trump


The “hypocrisy of the left” has become such a routine phrase in modern society, that nearly nothing can surprise the conservative observers of America.

One case in point has been the abject shaming of America by democratic leftists who believe that anyone who voted for Donald Trump cannot possibly be labeled as a “feminist” in good conscious…even if that voter was a woman, and the liberal shaming her is also a woman.

Enter Tina Fey, the Saturday Night Live alumnus who spent years pushing the leftist propaganda of the democratic party through her recurring Weekend Update skits with fellow liberal Amy Poehler.  The pair was ostensibly the most liberal fake news hosts on the planet, with only Jon Stewart of The Daily Show acting as competition.

Now, Fey had this to say to the women of America.

What Tina Fey is doing here is shaming other women for their political beliefs and the exercising of their rights; rights that have sadly not always been available to women in America.  Fey is reaching out to the echo chambers of the left for laughs, while outing herself as an operative of the liberal fascists who would put her politics above her phony feminism.

The missing point to all of Fey and her colleagues vote-shaming stunts is that they are ignoring the diversity of America.  Just because Fey and the women that she is shaming are both “white, college-educated women” does not mean that they must all exist within the same hive mind.  The objective of feminism is rather simple:  We must, as a society, elevate women to a level in which they are considered equal to all other individuals on the planet.  That’s it.  There’s no indoctrination to the leftist ideology in the ethos.

By condemning other women as meager housewives who were inconvenienced by the right to vote, lest they miss their television programs on the Home and Garden network, Tina Fey is no better than fictional characters such as Al Bundy or Archie Bunker, who were written as an antiquated punchline for a rapidly evolving modern world.  The humor with those characters was in their own delusions of import, whereas Tina Fey is quite literally driving a wedge between herself and other members of her gender.

There’s no room in feminism for the elitism of Tina Fey and her lunatic liberal fascists.  Nor is there room for her chauvinist insinuations regarding the motivations of women who voted for Donald Trump.

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