Snoop Dogg

VIDEO: Steve Harvey MUZZLES Snoop Dogg Regarding Trump Attacks


In the wake of his disgusting actions in his latest music video, gangster rapper Snoop Dogg has been the focus of some extremely serious attention.

Not only did Snoop’s video, which depicts a Trump facsimile being shot by the rapper with a toy gun, garner the attention of the Secret Service, it also served as a wake up call for the washed up rapper.  The actions in the video were deemed so heinous that a constant barrage of criticism has been hurled at Snoop Dogg.

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One of the latest levelheaded celebrities to weigh in is the respectable Steve Harvey, best known for his stint as host of Family Feud.  Harvey, ever the picture of class and tact, has some well-considered words for Mr. Dogg on a recent segment of his radio show.

You can listen to the segment below:

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