VIDEO: RNC Unleashes Torrential Truth Tsunami on Radical Leftists

The chasm that exists between the right and the radical left in America today is a staggering sight to behold, especially given the unprecedented accomplishments of the Trump administration over this short span of only 18 months.

A President who is achieving his grandiose campaign vision at an alarming pace could, or should be applauded by even his most staunch opponent.  But no.  Not here.  Not today.

Today, the end of a six decade long war on the Korean Peninsula was brushed aside the second that the mainstream media could put their greedy little paws on something else.  At least we can be thankful that it wasn’t Stormy Daniels again this time.

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So, now, in an effort to escalate the rhetoric to Civil War territory, the radical left has attempted to finally convince their puppets that Donald Trump is literally Hitler…again.  This isn’t the first time by a long shot, and I highly doubt that it will be the last time either, but that doesn’t mean that we can let it slide.  So, on the rebound, the escalation takes another rung on the ladder, and we’re now listening to actors, politicians, and celebrities openly fantasize about killing the President.

This has become so expected and commonplace that the RNC decided to call attention to the absurdity of the situation in a new advertisement.

And not a bit of that ad was exaggerated.  In fact, a simple Google search will provide you with hundreds of further examples of the left’s attempts to discriminate against American traditionalists and conservatives.

The incidents last week involving White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen, who were both run out of restaurants by irate, radical liberals, highlights just how little “progress” the left has made in their quest for “virtue”.

These two women, who are both holding positions traditionally occupied by men, represent major triumphs for the idea that “all Americans are created equal”.  Unfortunately, that means little to the feminist-aligning left.  Why?  Because that little bit of “activism” that they claim as their own is nothing more than a virtue-signaling disguise used to make you feel guilty about accusing them.  This is why we must endure the nonstop “safe space” nonsense and the carousel of revolving gender terms that our memorization of is somehow supposed to determine our worth as human beings.

Worse still is the idea that an undeniably great person, let’s say Betsy Ross, will someday be reviled by the left for not having known about transphobia or gender dysphoria.

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