GOP Congressman Says He’ll Commit Suicide if Cruz Gets The Nomination [VIDEO]

When Peter King promises to drink cyanide, is there any way that can be enforced as legally binding?

I guess, technically, when Peter King promises to take poison, that isn’t a promise to commit suicide. He could drink a non-lethal amount and claim to have kept his promise. Still, if I were on the fence about Ted Cruz this would definitely be a reason to vote for him.

The New York Daily News reports,

“I hate Ted Cruz,” the Long Island congressman said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I’ll take cyanide if he ever got the nomination.”

King, who voted for John Kasich in Tuesday’s New York Republican presidential primary, previously claimed that New Yorkers who support Cruz should “have their head examined.”

King has a lot of gall to question the sanity of people who vote for a leading candidate while he votes for one he admits doesn’t stand a chance.

It would be the easiest thing in the world for King to politely say that he disagrees with Cruz, but instead, he has to express utter hatred. He obviously wants to root out of the party the kind of people who prefer Ted Cruz.

So, given the fact that Peter King is giving us false hope when he promises suicide, what will King actually do if Cruz is nominated?

I will guess that King will actively campaign for Hillary Clinton. After all, when “people” were asking him to run in 2016 he made it clear that Clinton would be excellent on “national security”—the issue that matters most to King.

It would have been great if King had run because he would have suffered the same humiliating defeat as Jeb Bush. I doubt that anyone in their right mind could mistake Cruz for an isolationist. But voters plainly prefer him to the National Security Hawks in the Republican Party.

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