Nancy Pelosi

VIDEO: Pelosi Off The Rails Once Again, Can’t Tell Time or Remember…

The sheer incompetence of a number of democratic leaders is an astoundingly profound red flag for the way that the left runs their political posse.

During the election of 2016 this haphazard regard for the health of the left’s leaders became readily apparent, thanks to a number of incidents in which Hillary Clinton was shown to be less than physically suited for public office.

The former First Lady’s worries began as Americans began to notice her inability to traverse even the simplest set of stairs without assistance.  Soon followed strange, seizure-like movements, inexplicable bouts of unintentional silence, and finally a terrifying collapse in New York City during a September 11th memorial service.  Clinton rolled on, however, blaming the incidents on an improbable, bogus boogeyman:  An undiagnosed bout of pneumonia…because that’s how that works.

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Now, another senior female in the Democratic Divas Club is showing her age, and her worrisome mental condition.

“Prior to the start of a Friday press conference intended to attack President Trump’s tax cut proposal, Nancy Pelosi was handed a folder of what she was supposed to tell reporters.

“It might have been good for her to actually browse it before stepping to the microphone.

“As the House Minority Leader was waiting for several invited guests to file in behind her, she could hear muttering to herself, ‘Is it still morning?’

“After tripping over the word ‘incentives,’ moments later she did a verbal face plant when she tried to say ‘giveaways.’

“Accusing the Republicans of cutting taxes for the ‘rich ‘a the expense of working class taxpayers, Pelosi called it ‘a buffet of tax getaways — giveaways.’

“Second later, she had trouble saying ‘GOP bill,’ saying ‘G-O pill—GOP bill.'”

You can watch the wild spewing of nonsense below:


This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time, that Nancy Pelosi has been caught in the midst of some sort of neurological relapse, and that belies a terrifying reality of the American political left…

The democrats are so unwilling to allow any slippage of power that they would selfishly trot out this obviously ill woman to push their propaganda.  Nancy Pelosi needs help, but the left is far too concerned with their infantile “resistance” to do the right thing.

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