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VIDEO: Paul Ryan’s Border Wall Delay Irks President of Border Council

Editorial credit: Christopher Halloran /

President Trump’s campaign promises to reiterate the sovereignty of America via a southern border wall have been delayed until next year, at the behest of Paul Ryan.

Ryan has found himself in a peculiar spot during the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency.  The Speaker of the House, and former Presidential candidate himself, has been opposed to Trump on several fronts throughout the current President’s short political career, yet remains loyal to the Commander in Chief as a sign of good faith for his republican colleagues.  This has placed Ryan in the unenviable position of facing off against the President’s staunch supporters on occasion.

Now, Ryan has been forced to table the construction of a border wall between the United States and Mexico until 2018, a move that will surely incense Trump’s most vocal voters.

The political maneuver has had the added effect of irking the brave men and women who work the border every day, including the President of the U.S. BorderPatrol Council.

Mr. Judd, speaking for the folks who are on the border every day, is rightfully upset with Paul Ryan’s decision regarding the expediency of the wall.  This was Donald Trump promise numero uno to many who lined up to support and vote for the republican President.  It was an enormous piece of the President’s domestic policy platform, and the early abandonment of hope for beginning contraction this year is sure to draw the ire of the nation’s conservative crowd.

More importantly, we must remember that Mr. Judd represents the eyes and ears of the American people as it pertains to the border.  When then-candidate Trump was arrogantly lambasted by the mainstream liberal media for suggesting that Mexico was not sending their best and brightest illegally to America, Judd and company were quick to defend the President.  Given their first-hand experience at the border, their words were not to be taken lightly.

So when Paul Ryan begins to prioritize national security issues barely 100 days into the ambitious presidency of Donald Trump, his lack of context and experience on the border must be considered. In a game of “his word or mine”, Mr. Judd will outweigh Mr. Ryan every single time on issues of the border.


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