World War III

VIDEO: New World War III Prediction Arrives From Surprising Source

With the world seemingly on the very precipice of total violence, there have been whispers and murmurs about the potential for World War III slithering about the quiet corners of global society for some time.

Conspiracy theorists have previously attempted to claim that World War III was already underway, citing the massive, ongoing Middle East crisis as the evidence, especially given the international attention and military action that has been prevalent in the region for decades.  This theory, however, has not been accepted by mainstream observers or the politically savvy, citing that superpower nations were not yet embroiled in hand to hand combat.

Now, however, the hacker collective known as Anonymous is joining the fray with they own dire warning for the world at large, claiming that we are mere moments away from the catalyst that will propel us into global conflict.  You can watch their message below:

While it is often wise to take these frequent warnings from Anonymous with a hefty heaping of salt, the idea that the world is on the doorstep of a globally-inclusive conflict is nothing new.  Given that Russia, the United States, and China are all very much involved in the North Korean issue, all with varying idea of how to handle the reclusive nation, this particular warning seems well-timed and a bit more poignant than previous diatribes from the loose-knit and clandestine hacker cabal.

More frightening still is what World War III would truly look like.

Gone are the days of invading armies and full frontal assaults – replaced with strategic, pinpoint accuracy strikes launched from some of the most sophisticated machinery ever created.  Furthermore, the zeal and unpredictability of a nation such as North Korea indicates that no threat is truly off the table, as evidenced by the growing concern that Kim Jong Un could launch a U.S. infrastructure-crippling electromagnetic pulse attack from space.

Who knows exactly what World War III would truly mean for the world at large?  Would a Seal Team Six-style strike on Kim Jong Un personally hold the secret to limiting the length of such an international conflict, or could the very notion of removing the despot spark a thermonuclear showdown between the globes most prominent nuclear-armed countries?

According to Anonymous, we should expect the worst.

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