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VIDEO: Nashville Crowd Spends Solid Minute Berating Hillary in Unison


Last night, President Donald Trump held an enormous Make American Great Again rally in Nashville, Tennessee mere moments after his second executive order on immigration was halted by a federal judge in Hawaii.

The line to enter the rally was estimated at times to be over a mile in length, as Americans braved the unseasonably cold weather in the Tennessee capital for a chance to watch the President speak.

During the event, President Trump tackled a variety of subjects facing our nation today, including his plans for immigration reform.  After discovering that his second attempt to block immigration from terror-rich nations was halted by a federal judge in Hawaii, Trump took the ruling to task during his speech.  In a moment of respect for his vanquished opponent, Trump said of the presidential position that “he or she” has the power to stop the influx of immigration to our nation in cases such as this, lambasting the interference by the Hawaiian judge.

The mention of “she” dredged up memories of the 2016 campaign against the corrupt and crooked Hillary Clinton, and it sent the crowd into a frenzy.  Nashville then spent over a minute chanting “lock her up”.

You can watch the moment below.

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