VIDEO: Muslim Activist in NY Condones Islam’s Oppression of Christianity


There is a holy war raging around the globe, as radical Islamic terrorists continue to target, assault, and eradicated Christians and their holy places.

For far too long, the mainstream media and the American political left gave us extremely flimsy reasoning for the rise of terror.  Some say that they hated us because we were “free”, or because we have democracy, or because our women have the same inalienable rights as men.  The war on terror was sold to America and the world as a fight against an organization whose sole purpose was to upend the ideals of liberty itself.

Then, somewhere along the line, the world began to take notice that these terrorist incidents were not targeting only the free, the western world, or the democratic.  Instead, the Jihad being waged by ISIS was much more akin to an extreme version of Sharia law.

Of course, it was impossible to find a leftist politician who was willing to admit this.  Many famously refused to even utter the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”, fearing that they would “offend” these inhumane killers on a religious level.  It was the ultimate misuse of political correctness.

Now, after terrorists bombed one train in the Saint Petersburg railway system in Russia, and had one other device defused before it could do any harm, ISIS was quick to take responsibility.  Not only did the preeminent terror organization on the planet claim that it was an act of their lone wolf jihadists, they also claimed very boldly that there hope was to kill “worshipers of the Cross”…not the free.

Then, only days later, twin bombings occurred at Christian churches in Egypt, continuing this streak of ISIS’ brutal war on Christianity.

Now, one U.S. based Muslim activist has continued this violent vitriol, only in a much less forceful way.  While there was no death or destruction accompanying her words, the reality of what she has said should concern anyone who is paying attention.

These words are utterly terrifying.  Not only has Ayat Oraby likened the Christian faith to the mafia, she is openly admitting her belief that the Muslim faith is superior to the Christian faith.

If that’s not a radicalized Muslim line of logic, I don’t know what is.

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