VIDEO: Mitt Romney Gets Tough With Donald Trump. Where Was This Guy in 2012?

There is no question that Mitt Romney can fight hard against a political opponent if he considers the issue important.

We now know Mitt Romney can fight with verbal clarity when he feels the circumstances call for it. Too bad saving the Republic from a second term of Barack Obama’s rule and the implementation of Obamacare never seemed important enough to Romney to elicit this kind of stinging attack.

Wouldn’t you like to have seen that Mitt Romney at the debates with Barack Obama? But he was a no-show. Trump, on the other hand is a real threat.

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The nation suffering under an evil President is no big deal. The Republican Party still has a place in that arrangement. But Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination is intolerable. Romney wants you to know this is really serious.

The two minutes or more Romney spent setting up what he was going to say was incredibly interesting. The talk about America’s bright future and her role as world leader probably tells us why the establishment no longer sees “buying off” Trump as a viable option. The moment Trump became an unforgiveable threat to the establishment occurred in the South Carolina GOP debate.

Notice that though the audience booed, Donald Trump won the primary in South Carolina. I think that this scares the establishment not only because Donald Trump said it and won anyway, but because he knew that it was the right thing to say. While South Carolina has a strong involvement with the military that contributes to their economy, that means they also have something else: veterans. I don’t think Trump was saying stuff without regard for the consequences. It is probable he knew that a state with many veterans of Iran and Afghanistan would agree with him and feel strongly about the issue. Yes, if Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz had been one candidate they would have beaten Trump. But the fact remains that over thirty percent of South Carolina’s GOP primary voters chose him.

The national security operations of our government mean trillions of dollars for businesses. Trump is threatening a lot of revenue, potentially. He has already opposed what we are doing in Syria. He is sure to drag the issue in front of the American people if he’s running against Hillary. So Romney is out for blood.

Mitt Romney can fight hard but he isn’t fighting smart. Hostility from Romney is going to make Trump more popular.

Here is Mitt Romney in 2012 praising Donald Trump and his understanding of the economy. Notice that he specifically praises his trade views.

Romney would have done more damage to Trump by encouraging the media to show this video and claiming that they were much alike. Simply reminding us that he once endorsed Romney for President would have lost Trump a few votes.

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