VIDEO: Liberal Agitator Attempts to Burn Flag…Foolishly Ignoring Biker Behind Him

Let’s face it, liberals:  The rest of America is growing weary of your anti-Trump, New Fascist nonsense, and you need to expect resistance from here on out.

While it’s been extremely frustrating watching malleable millennials fall victim to the propaganda of the liberal mainstream media and their cable news cronies, we have hoped all along that there would be a point in which the rest of America just stopped putting up with it.  It’s childish.  It’s bratty.  It’s un-American.  We just really need it to become blasé so that these impressionable young people can go back to whatever it was they were doing before dabbling in Fascism.

Based on the video below, it seems that someone has already reached their tipping point.

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Fair warning:  This video contains strong language.

While the flag-burning attempt was lame in every imaginable way, the reaction of the “black bloc” style protesters says a lot.  The “angry”, smiling protester attempting to light Old Glory ablaze immediately bouncing off of the amateur firefighter into a crowd of clearly frightened liberal “tough guys” may be one of the moist poignant bits of this video.

Certainly, these protesters are easily influenced into submission by any form of resistance to their actions.  What appear to be two Trump supporters, or perhaps a Trump supporter and an unaligned patriot, put these New Fascists directly onto their heels even though the the liberals far outnumber their opponents.

This indicates just how flimsy the motives of the leftists are.  They are out here for show, not to incite political discussion or change.  They are simply hoping to appear on YouTube doing the things that all of their friends are doing.  At the first sign of friction, their tales tuck and they began shaking and shivering.  How dare they disagree with us?


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