Video: Knockout Attack Blamed on “ADHD”

Cesar Nejara is the victim of a knockout attack in New Jersey. He recently opened up about the attack, which is being partially blamed on the suspect’s alleged “ADHD.”

ABC7NY reported:

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Cesar Nejara is a soft-spoken man. He is small in stature – he is just 5’2″ and 125 pounds.

Nejara also doesn’t speak any English, which is perhaps why those two teenagers picked him as their target. If their goal was to intimidate him, they got what they wanted. Nejara says he now lives in fear, afraid even to leave his own home.

“I couldn’t speak for a week, I couldn’t even speak to my family. That’s what hurt the most,” said Nejara, speaking through a translator.

Nejara, 37, says he doesn’t know why it happened to him. Speaking through a translator, he says for 8 days after the assault, he couldn’t eat solid food, and had to drink soup through a straw.

“I didn’t feel anything, because the impact was so hard I just fell on the floor. I don’t like to pick on anybody, or pick fights. Now I live in fear,” Nejara says.

The knockout punch left Nejara with pain in the back of his head. He said he required stitches, because of the assault, and his mouth still hurts.


Nejara says he has never seen the two before. He works as a street cleaner and says he makes very little cash. He sends money to his five kids and wife in Guatemala. He had $300 cash on him that went missing after he woke up from the punch. He says he now has medical bills he is not sure if he can afford to pay, and is not sure he will even be able to replace his missing tooth.

A New Jersey teen was seen in a video walking up next to 37-year-old Cesar Nejara, who was standing at an intersection. The teen briefly exchanges words with him, and cries can be heard from the person holding the camera to “Knock him out! Knock him out!” The teen then sucker punches the man who falls to the ground unconscious.

The incident apparently took place December 7th of last year. The video was posted to Facebook and Twitter, and it went viral. Many condemned the attack and alerted the police to investigate the matter.

Right after the video went public, the 18-year-old teen star in the video named Kristian Gonzalez turned himself in. While he’s being charged with aggravated assault and endangering an injured person, he’s not being tried as an adult. When the incident happened in December, Gonzalez was 17. Gonzalez’s lawyer blames the knockout attack partially on the suspect’s “ADHD.”

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