New Fascism

VIDEO: July 2nd Anti-Trump Riots Planned By New Fascists

The militant leftists of the nation are not going down without a fight, and new actions planned for July 2nd could spark nationwide unrest.

From day one, the anti-Trump liberals have been working to undermine and delegitimize the fairly elected President of the United States simply due to the fact that he isn’t Hillary Clinton.  Their disappointment in the corrupt candidate has morphed into something much more sinister in recent weeks, as the New Fascist movement that was instigated in Berkeley, California in February has spread nearly nationwide.

Now, the leftist thugs are planning massive demonstrations on July 2nd, 2017, in order to push their agenda of impeachment against Donald Trump.  Given the violence that has been regularly occurring during similarly planned liberal “protests”, we can expect nothing short of a riot from the “black bloc” factions of the left.

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