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VIDEO: MSNBC Calls For The Removal Of President Trump Citing Mental Illness and 25th Amendment


As if the left could not get any loonier, Joe Scarborough and friends have decided to take things up a notch this morning.

In the clip below, the host of Morning Joe and his cohorts go all in with their attack of the President, with their condescending tone and wild accusations.

The first item that is worthy of discussion in this clip is the fervent dismissal of President Trump’s inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s inability to recognize her own wrongdoing.

As Donna Brazile has finally been forced to admit that she did indeed relay debate questions to Hillary Clinton before events in which she faced off against the eventually elected Trump, the nation reacted in uproar.  The corrupt career of Hillary Clinton notwithstanding, many voters were left with incredulous opinions about such flagrant and outlandish collusion between Clinton and elements of the DNC and debate teams.  In hindsight, this may one day be considered “typical Hillary” behavior, but this is not that day.  Trump reminding the American people of the grievances that Clinton committed against them, the voters, will not be irrelevant for a long time to come.

Secondly, we must consider exactly what Scarborough and his band of merry mouthpieces are proposing in regard to the 25th Amendment.  The amendment itself deals with the replacement of the President, something that only fringe leftists have even begun to propose.

What’s more frightening still is that Scarborough is citing mental illness as the catalyst for removing the leader of the free world due to 14 words he tweeted regarding Hillary Clinton’s unprecedented travesty against the American people.  The conclusions that must be jumped to in order to reach this plateau of idiocy are astoundingly complicated, and given the way in which Scarborough introduces the idea, it seems very likely that he and cohost Mika Brzezinski were planning to promote the ridiculous plan on air for some time.

And MSNBC wonders why it’s failing.

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