Video: Jeb Bush Brings His Mother to Tell Us He Should Be President

I’m sorry but what Jeb Bush brings to the office of the Presidency needs to be established by a more credible source. There is nothing wrong with Barbara Bush loving and respecting her son. But when was the last time you filled out a job interview that wanted family members as references?

This fails to make sense in other ways as well. For example, Jeb Bush has been campaigning on his signs simply as “Jeb!” with no last name—similarly to Rand Paul’s campaign signs before he dropped out of the race. That was silly (for both candidates) because everyone knows each one’s family name.

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But if you don’t want to remind voters of your name, then why would you trot out your mother to plead for her dynasty to continue. It just looks bad.

When Ron Paul campaigned with Rand, it was because he has an unparalleled reputation for integrity and loyalty to liberty (or some would say he is a libertarian zealot). Barbara Bush has no such reputation as a standard for ideological purity (and that wouldn’t mean anything to Jeb anyway). We wouldn’t even know who she was except for her husband and sons.

I have had trouble understanding why Jeb Bush is still in the race. Obviously the best candidate who stands a chance and is approved by the establishment is Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Carly Fiorina all are simply sucking a few votes away from him. If you are a fan of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, then you want these other establishment candidates to stay in the race and keep Rubio’s numbers down.

So why don’t these men (and Fiorina) step out of the way to allow Rubio a better chance of winning? According to an NPR report, it is ego.

In the past few days, some of the Republicans who have failed to attract support this cycle have dropped out. But for a “Stop Trump, Stop Cruz” movement to gain traction, some of the mainstream Republican contenders will have to drop out, too.

That’s tough. For one thing, as [Fergus] Cullen, the former state GOP official, says, these are not people accustomed to folding their tents.

“Almost all of these candidates have never lost an election. They aren’t used to losing. They aren’t used to being defeated,” Cullen says. “And for them to accept defeat is really hard.”

Other than the backing of the establishment, what does Jeb Bush offer? Here’s Fox News trying to put a humorous spin on Jeb Bush’s embarrassing moment.

Ouch! But why should anyone applaud that line? Is he saying he’s going to use armed force even if the American people don’t want another war? Does the political class in this country have a view of the “national security interests” that resonates with the majority of Americans? Are we really in “the business” of creating “a more peaceful world”? Is Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or Syria more peaceful than in 2000?

I can see how the audience, puzzling over these questions, would forget to clap. But these kind of vague promises are consistent with using one’s mother as a character witness.

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