VIDEO: Insensitive CNN Cussed Out by Harvey Evacuee LIVE ON AIR

The liberal media is having a heyday once again by exploiting Hurricane Harvey’s destruction and Houston’s hurt.

While many great Americans are banding together in order to lend assistance to our fellow countrymen in this, their time of need, there are a few factions of our society’s underbelly who are looking to profit from the tragedy that Hurricane Harvey has inflicted upon the great city of Houston.

Reports of widespread looting in the wake of Harvey began trickling in over the course of the last few hours, as opportunistic criminals began looking for ways to exploit this disaster for their own personal gain.  As these entitlement-class citizens worked their own twisted logic to likely justify their actions, their actions morphed from mere theft into something much more sinister, as robberies and assaults on rescue personnel became the new norm in certain parts of the city.

Of course, the mainstream media was also on site, ready to point their cameras and microphones into the faces of those affected by this horrific natural disaster, all in a shallow ploy to create more intrigue for their own coverage of the event.  Make no mistake, there is no journalistic value in interviewing crying mothers and grieving families while still in the midst of this terrible tragedy.  Their eyewitness accounts will be much more valuable in the later stages of disaster relief and planning than they are while their children are wet and hungry.

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One mother in Houston felt obligated to let CNN know exactly that, live on the air.

We must warn you that the following video contains crude language.


As tone deaf as the very concept of this live piece was for CNN, more disturbing still is the non-reaction from the woman holding the microphone.

Their continual prodding and poking of the victims of Harvey are absolutely in poor taste, and this angry mother has encapsulated what the rest of the nation has felt for a long time about their intrusive and unethical productions.

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