VIDEO: High Level LGBT Activist Concerned About Radical Islam: “Forget Bathroom War!”


The leftist media has been completely obsessed with who is or isn’t using the public restrooms at their son or daughter’s school for months.

This asinine concern derives itself from an Obama era decree in which the former President spent the last few months of his lame duck term advocating mightily for the rights of the LGBT community, and specifically, for people who identify themselves as transgender.

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His out-of-the-blue advocacy shocked the nation, as Obama mandated that all bathrooms in all of the nations’ public schools be accessible to everyone, regardless of their biological gender.  While this truly disturbing piece of political chicanery was putting our nation’s youth at serious risk of sexual assault, states such as North Carolina were fighting their own battles regarding the idea.  The now defunct HB2 in the Tar Heel State mandated that public restrooms be occupied by only those people matching the gender assigned to the facility, using their biological reality as the qualifier.

Now, one major LGBT activist is coming out against the so-called “bathroom war”, citing a much more incendiary threat that exists for his colleagues:  Radical Islamic terrorism.

Barron makes some excellent points during his time speaking with Carlson, and he echoes concerns heard around the world.

Radical Islam is a very real threat, not only to the world at large, but to women and the LGBT community specifically.  The Koran, and radical Islam’s extremely particular interpretation of it, are not kind at all to anyone who is not a straight, devout male.  Barron’s comments come as we are hearing continued reports of women being targeted and threatened by the spread of Islam in European nations with rapidly-increadin Muslim populations, due to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Furthermore, Barron is exposing a trick of the mainstream media in which they predominately focus on stories that stir the pot, rather than issues of true, worldwide significance.  We must remember that the mainstream media is reliant solely on advertising revenue to justify their enormous paychecks.  They must create controversy and, in turn viewership, to stay afloat.  By dredging up a controversial story with deep religious and sexually explicit implications, (such as the transgender bathroom saga), they are guaranteeing that your fear and worry will remind you to tune in.

This is the modern equivalent of the old adage “if it bleeds, it leads”, except that Americans are becoming far more concerned with the argument than they are the danger.


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