VIDEO: Harvard Students Deem Trump’s Words More Dangerous Than ISIS


Harvard University.  The name is synonymous with the academic elite, but the video below may have you rethinking your opinion of the esteemed institution.

America’s unfortunate liberal revolution has been fomenting in recent months, with college campuses acting as a potent petrie dish for the leftist dissent.  Colleges across the nation have been rife with progressive thoughts, ideals, and policies, stemming from the hive mind of the millennial generation.  These young people have completely acquiesced their opinion to the left, believing that former President Barack Obama was a deity in man’s form, and that the corrupt Hillary Clinton was somehow the heir apparent to his throne.

The church of liberalism has continued to hold sermons in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory, and the subsequent reawakening of the conservative silent majority, in an effort to promote their fascist and totalitarian ideals to the malleable millennials.  This has led to an unnerving amount of ridiculous rhetoric, as evidenced in the video below.

Here we have impressionable young people, lacking the historical knowledge of America’s relationship with terrorism, deeming that President Donald Trump is more dangerous than ISIS; an organization that does nothing but be dangerous.

How is it that this generation is so flippant regarding radical Islamic terrorism?  Is this a holdover from the Obama presidency, in which the Commander in Chief not only refused to utter the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”, but also ignored the atrocities that were being committed by jihadists every day?  How can so many Americans be so oblivious?

It is also worth noting that the very idea of dissent against President Trump is considered cool in modern millennial society.  While some of these student may support the President, and his incredible streak of progress during this early part of his term, they would not be caught dead saying so on camera for fear of rejection on their next first date.  Thanks to innumerable Hollywood celebrities, the mainstream media, and attitudes such as Saturday Night Live’s prevailing, wishing well for the American President has become a social faux pas for the under-30 crowd.


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