VIDEO: Gun Grabbing Democrat Pulls Pepper Spray Stunt ON HIMSELF

The democratic party is imploding at a sickening pace in 2018, with Trump Derangement Syndrome leading the organization into a deep, dark cess pool of chicanery and political pontification that leaves little hope for the future of the liberal American masses.

For as much as the left talks about “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces”, they certainly aren’t applying their purported knowledge to their own cause.  The news has been filled with overreactions from the moment that President Trump announced his candidacy for the office, and things hit warp-speed in November of 2016 with his election.  Now, with the businessman-turned-Commander in Chief sitting comfortably in the Oval Office on the daily, the left is finding even more absurd ways to vow “resistance” against the leader of the free world.

This has driven the narrative of the left from “fringe” all the way to “patently extraterrestrial”, and amplified their incredible antics for the world to see.

Take Levi Tillemann, for example…

A progressive House candidate in Colorado has released a campaign ad in which he gets pepper sprayed in the face as part of his call to combat violence in schools.

In the ad, posted last week, Levi Tillemann criticizes President Trump’s plan to arm teachers and school officials with firearms as a way to combat potential school shooters.

“I’m calling on Congress to stop talking past each other and try something new,” Tilleman says in the ad. “Empower schools and teachers with non-lethal self-defense tools, like this can of pepper spray.”

Tillemann touts pepper spray as an effective method to protect classrooms from school shooters, saying that it is cost-effective and can be stored safely.

“It’s powerful, but it won’t accidentally kill a kid,” he says in the ad.

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The video then shows Tilleman being sprayed in the face with pepper spray, then dunking his head into a bucket of water and spraying himself with a hose.

“It’s incredibly painful, and now I just can’t see anything,” he says. “Wow, that’s intense.”

And, only because we know that you need to see the stunt in its entirety:

“It’s like lava.  In your eyes”.  Maybe one day those words will adorn a statue of Tillemann in the Colorado State House.

While, yes, we do agree with Levi in that our school children must be kept safe while visiting academia, we’re not so sure that a can of mace of going to do the trick when your opposition is a 19 year old, detached from reality and hearing “demon voices” that compel him into mass murder.

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