VIDEO: Good “Cemeterian” Restores Long Forgotten Veterans’ Gravestones

Just in time for the remembrances and reminiscence of Memorial Day, comes a heartwarming story about a man in Florida who is unwilling to let the final resting places of long-lost veterans fade in obscurity.

Dubbing himself with the clever moniker of the “Good Cemeterian”, Andrew Lumish has dedicated an unfathomable amount of his free time to one project:  Preserving the gravestones of America’s forgotten veterans.

Perhaps their families are long gone, live at some distance, or are unable for whatever reason to keep up with the stones’ care themselves.  It doesn’t matter to the soft-spoken Lumish, a resident of Tampa, Florida who spends an enormous amount of his personal resources in his quest to bring dignity and clarity to these near-eternal markers.  Spending literally months to fully restore and preserve one headstone is a routine occurrence for the Good Cemeterian, and to date, Andrew has racked up an impressive 500+ completed projects.

In the video below, Andrew explains the reasoning behind his work, and his personal connection to the project in his signature, not-quite-dulcet tone, lending a quiet air of confidence and purpose to his tale.

Andrew’s incredible and fulfilling handiwork can be seen in the clip below:

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