Video Exposes Lack of Security Of German Border (Video)

It is hard to deal with a person that has political ideas without any basis for those ideas. Many in our world believe things based on feeling. So, because in a perfect world with perfect people, we would do this or that, they want to do that now. No matter how it hurts others or what it costs, they become hell-bent on implementing their idea.

A great example is the commitment of the European globalists to open borders in Europe. No matter who is able to do what within the EU, they refuse to let go of the idea of having no border checks.

I wish we lived in a world that this was possible, but we are not there yet. In fact, I think we are nowhere near reaching that point in human history. We know this by the recent attacks in Europe committed by those who have exploited this open border policy.

And despite the resent attack, we see that nothing has changed in Germany.

Breitbart reports

A masked man holding an Islamic State flag has filmed himself walking straight across the German border to highlight the lack of security checks.

YouTube user Vlad Tepes said he published the video to show how “pathetic” border control is between Germany and Denmark.

“A Danish citizen dressed up in Islamic State gear, flag and fake gun to show how pathetic the border is between Germany and Denmark,” the blogger wrote.

Now, this was done to expose the weakness in the German border control. This lack of control means that if there were a terror cell on standby in Denmark, they would have ready access to Germany. What if someone began to take Islamist thinking serious and decided they wanted to attack Germany? They would be able to waltz right into the country.

This shows us that the foolishness of a fool destroys him/her.

Watch how easy it was.

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