VIDEO: Evidence of Democratic Delusions as New DNC Chair Says THIS About President


There is little doubt that the left side of American politics is turning to unbridled lunacy in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s historic loss to Donald Trump in 2016.

Only a dishonest man could come up with any other conclusion.  We’ve heard rumors about our elected Commander in Chief that range from his sexual preferences with Russian prostitutes, all the way to his lust for his own daughter, all coming from either the mainstream media or one of their liberal cronies.

Of course, these are completely baseless.  They’re phony.  They’re the very definition of fake news.  Donald Trump is no incestual, racist, unqualified disciple of Putin.  He is simply a business man turned President, thanks to We The People rejecting another 4 years of the familiar D.C. status quo on corruption.

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Now, as President Trump begins the arduous task of steamrolling his dissenters in his bid to make America great again, he faces new leftist tantrums.  These new campaigns against the President and his administration are aimed squarely at delegitimizing the election, and subsequently the presidency, of Donald J. Trump.  There are subtle hints in almost all of the mainstream media outlets.  Dismissive tones.  The proverbial eye roll.  Hillary Clinton being propped up on stage by her handlers after a bout of depression.  They are foolishly refusing to take the President seriously.

Now, after the implosion of the DNC, a new chair has ascended to the top position within the withering cabal.  His name is Tom Perez, and what he says in the video below should have us all very concerned.


That’s right.  Tom Perez, head of the DNC, just proclaimed to an exuberant gaggle of Democratic holdouts, that Donald Trump did not win the election.

Yet again, a figurehead on the left side of the nation’s true heart, is advocating to his congregation of kooks that Donald Trump is not actually the President.  He’s telling the already delusional liberals that they mustn’t concern themselves with treating Donald Trump as if he were the President.

That mean, in liberal terms, give the President no respect and shout down those who you disagree with.  Here is Tom Perez, insisting on resistance to the President.  Here is the DNC, in a nutshell, telling their cult to disregard the authority of the Constitution.  The President is not legit, so why would the rest of the government?

The implications of the left’s continued flippancy in the face of reality should be cause for concern for anyone considering themselves a liberal.

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