VIDEO: E.U. Promises Migrants Free Money!

How is giving migrants free money by issuing them debit cards going to reduce the number of migrants surging toward Europe?

This announcement that the E.U. is going to issue Syrian migrants free money is not satire. They actually think this is a good idea.

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According to The Wall Street Journal,

As many as one million refugees in Turkey will receive debit cards and monthly cash transfers to help pay for food and housing under a new €348 million ($393 million) humanitarian program from the European Union announced on Thursday.

The EU’s largest-ever humanitarian program is part of a €3 billion package of assistance the bloc promised Turkey to support some three million refugees the country hosts, mainly from Syria.

Turkey has complained that the money, which was agreed to in exchange for Ankara’s help in preventing migrants from entering the EU, is arriving too slowly.

“The situation in Syria remains very dramatic,” said Christos Stylianides, the EU’s humanitarian aid commissioner. With the debit cards, refugees will be able to buy what they need rather than getting food handouts, he said.

“The European Union is keeping its promise to assist Turkey in hosting the largest refugee population in the world,” Mr. Stylianides said. When it comes to humanitarian assistance, “our cooperation with Turkish authorities has been excellent,” he added.

Assuming this money actually gets to the refugees, what happens next? Obviously, more migrants from Syria and elsewhere will pour across the Turkish border!

Of course, that’s a big assumption. It is highly likely that some of the money will be diverted in Turkey.

Nevertheless, just the news could increase the size of the migrant crisis.

This “humanitarian” package is part of the bribe being offered Turkey to solve Europe’s immigration problem. The European nations refuse to protect their own borders but want Turkey to solve the resulting crisis. Turkey now has leverage over the E.U. by threatening them with an invading migrant army.

Furthermore, Turkey is itself in danger of becoming a caliphate with nuclear weapons. Stimulating more mass migration into the country from Syria will make the situation worse.


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