Video: College Students Can’t Locate New Hampshire on a Map

Dan Joseph with MRCTV asked students on the University of Maryland campus about where the state of New Hampshire was, and many of them couldn’t locate it.

He first wanted to know if they had heard the news recently coming out of Iowa. Most of those he interviewed weren’t familiar with the Iowa caucus until he reminded them.

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He asked a couple students who had won. One student responded correctly that Hillary Clinton had won. Joseph then asked who had won “the other one,” referring to the Republican caucus. The student responded with Martin O’Malley. Joseph answered sarcastically, “Yes, Martin O’Malley won the Republican primary.”

Joseph went on to ask about where the state of New Hampshire was, since its primary is taking place next week on Tuesday. Most of them couldn’t locate it on the U.S map that Dan Joseph had in front of them. One student kept pointing to Kansas.

These man-on-the-street type interviews put people on the spot, making it very easy for the interviewer to make the respondent look silly. But it’s not like these students had to know the capital of Lithuania or be able to list from memory every U.S. president or to recite the Athanasian Creed. They just had to point to the state of New Hampshire. Most of them couldn’t do it. Remember, these people vote.

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