VIDEO: CNN Reporter Brought to Tears By Poor Seat at White House

President Donald Trump’s war against the mainstream media’s fake news took another turn this week, and one CNN reporter was triggered to tears by it.

From the inception of his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump has been treated with the utmost bias by the mainstream media.  Not only have they consistently called into question his leadership skills, business acumen, and political experience, they took things much, much further than that.

In one of the liberal media’s ugliest examples to date, pundits and hosts alike have been alluding to President Trump being sexually attracted to his own daughter, Ivanka, as well as stories regarding lewd and unsanitary sexual acts with Muscovite prostitutes, and the pervasive leftist theory that the President’s marriage to the First Lady is merely a sham.

On other words, the liberal media is playing extremely dirty with with the Commander in Chief.  That’s why Trump has taken great joy in avenging himself against these crooked “journalists” in whatever small way that he can, including a rearrangement of the White House Press Briefing seating in which the President has sent the CNN jokesters to the back of the class to whither away with the Romanian media.

That move really hurt the feelings of CNN’s Jim Acosta, who spoke weepingly about it on live television.

Gone are the days of brave newsmen chasing down the truth in return for personal satisfaction.

Truly, the journalism that passes for “mainstream” nowadays is far less profound.  CNN has led the charge in this realm, constantly reminding us that the President doesn’t care for their bias and distortion of the facts, and then using their own platform to emotionally debate themselves on the issue.  This head-of-the-pack echo chamber has, unfortunately, built the mold by which pundits such as Rachel Maddow operate over at liberally-biased MSNBC, creating a virtual wall of fake news that must be hurdled by the average American before learning the truth.

While we await the slow extinction of the dinosaur media, we at least have Jim Acosta’s tears to keep us entertained.

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