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VIDEO: CNN Host Makes Phony, Asinine Claim About Michael Brown Drug Deal Video


The strange case of Michael Brown has crept back into the spotlight after a peculiar video clip popped up in a new documentary film.

In the clip, which was filmed on the day of Brown’s fatal confrontation with the police, shows Brown inside the same convenient store in which previously released footage made it look like Brown was robbing the place – a claim backed up by eyewitnesses and Brown’s friends.

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In the new clip, however, which was taken hours earlier in the day, it appear that Michael Brown is conducting a drug deal with one of the employees of the convenient store.  While this revelation has further corroborated Brown’s reputation as a less-than-savory character on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, it hasn’t derailed some of the more staunch supporters of Brown, one of whom could very well be Chris Cuomo of CNN.

In the clip below, Cuomo makes one of the most absurd claims ever made regarding Brown, and specifically, this new piece of video footage.  You’ll have to watch it to believe it.

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