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VIDEO: Clueless Millennial Snowflakes Ready To Ban Trump Supporters from College


There are few things more disturbing to the very ethos of the American Dream than lazy leftists who eschew the First Amendment.

As Donald Trump continues his ascent into the history books, there is a loud, thundering herd of angry liberals, democrats, progressives, and so-called social justice warriors out there running amok, vowing to whatever God they do or don’t believe in that they will #Resist the President of the United States; the leader of the free world.

Now this is all fine and dandy.  The First Amendment, one of the most glorious amalgam of words on the planet, protects their anger, their rhetoric.  They themselves are allowed to offend others with their words, and to fight whichever fight they choose, so long as that struggle does not create a windfall of struggle for someone else.

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The problem with the modern liberal, the millennial snowflake, is that the First Amendment has become blasé to them.  They are so far removed from the struggles and the chaos of a time when Free Speech wasn’t this easy that they have no frame of reference to it.  Much like children born after the internet became a household item will never open an encyclopedia, these malleable youngsters may never need to hide certain ideas or opinions.  In fact, given the rise of social media, every one of these possibly misguided Americans is a walking, tweeting billboard for their own personal beliefs.

Now, the real concern comes as these impressionable young minds fall under the heavy weight of leftist indoctrination, and begin to confuse the right to free speech with the right to limit someone else’s free speech.

There seems to be a persisting idea that the First Amendment protects your right to not be offended.  College campuses have unfortunately furthered this asinine ideology by creating “safe spaces” for those who were “triggered” by “micro aggressions”.  The quoted terms, of course, being the newspeak of the liberal fascist.  These are the code words that send the cavalry crashing down upon the freedom of speech of those who they oppose.

Take, for example, the video below in which college students willingly sign a petition to ban faculty or professors from campus if they support President Donald Trump.


This should be disturbing to all Americans, not just those on the right.  What these young people are doing is akin to Nazi-esque book burning, or fascist censorship.  They’re segregating the American conservative from the rest of society, attempting to drive them out of academia like Saint Patrick’s snakes from Ireland.

Worse yet is the flippant and nonchalant swagger with which these millennials ponder the possibility of muting the First Amendment on campus.  Casually, these young Americans stroll up to our petitionista, signing away their own freedoms with a quick stroke of a pen, as if they were leaving a tip for the tattooed barista at their overpriced coffee shop.

Scary days lie ahead, as these young adults blossom into functional members of society.

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