VIDEO: Breadwinner Husband Shows Why Liberals Like a Stalled Economy

Fox News celebrates the breadwinner husband but how many families can afford that traditional life anymore?

A wife wrote a tribute to her breadwinner husband. Though the topic is never mentioned, it shows how a hampered economy encourages Leftist social goals.

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Suzanne Venker writes in part:

All we ever hear in the media is what life is like for the harried working mother. Marriages that are more traditional in nature, with a primary breadwinner and a primary parent, are viewed as a thing of the past.

It is true that today, most mothers work outside the home. But the media don’t offer specifics—and the specifics matter. Most married mothers with children at home do not work full time and year round as their husbands do. About a quarter are not employed at all, and the rest move in and out of the workforce over the course of their children’s lives to accommodate for the needs of their families.

Either way, these women—who represent half of all married mothers—still depend on a husband.

Without him, these mothers could not have stayed home with their kids when they were young. They could not have afforded to work part-time once the kids were in school. They could not just decide one day, “I don’t feel like working today.” They could not have chosen mid-career to switch careers because the one they had wasn’t satisfying.

This is a great “letter” but it is a mistake to think it is only about values.

It is also about the economy.

While there are people who hate the idea of a breadwinner husband for ideological reasons, there are also thousands—perhaps millions—of men and women who want to be or have such a husband. But their circumstances won’t permit it.

For every man who doesn’t want to fill a traditional role in a family there is at least one who wants to, but can’t because he can’t get a job that pays enough.

For every wife who feels empowered by a part-time job or making an income at home, there’s another woman who feels enslaved by it but feels compelled to pay the bills.

And for every wife who works part-time there’s another who has a full-time career, not because that was her aspiration but because she and her husband need both incomes. The kids are raised in daycare and public school except on weekends.

Why aren’t Democrats worried about the horrible state of their economy? Because it forces the American populace to conform to their social goals and raise the next generation to do so. The statist ideal is two subsistence working drones breeding (a minimal number of) children to be raised by government institutions staffed by other working drones.

That’s why the breadwinner husband is increasingly rare.

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