VIDEO: Border Patrol Council President FURIOUS With Stalling of Border Wall, Ready to Dump Trump Over It

President Trump’s “big, beautiful” wall between the U.S. and Mexico has been stalled until at least 2018, and that has irked many a supporter of the Commander in Chief.

A great deal of political observers place the blame squarely on House Speaker Paul for his inability to wrangle congressional republicans to the President’s side in his first 100 days.  Their concern is, and rightfully so, that the republican party must come together to stand behind Trump now, or it may never come around.

Others, however, place the blame squarely on the liberal New Fascist movement; a violent offshoot of the lunatic left in which any action that is opposed by the democrats will be met with violence, arson, rioting, assault, and worse.  Should border wall construction begin before the New Fascists are dealt with, there are sure to be attacks on construction workers, equipment, and the wall itself.

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No matter the reason for the delay, it has been disappointing for a great deal of Trump supporters who voted for him based solely on this promise.  One such supporter was Border Patrol Council President, Brandon Judd.

Sure, illegal border crossings are happening at a far less frequent rate than under previous presidents, and that is nothing to scoff at.  The issue, however, is that continued resistance to the goals of this President will re-embolden the criminal immigrants that have treated the border like a simple crack in the sidewalk for years.  Soon, the rate at which illegal drugs come into our nation, and our cash goes out, will increase as these Mexican miscreants realize that the President has been stymied by his own party.

Worse yet, the ability of the leftists to influence the republican party is a terrifying issue.  Paul Ryan’s refusal to began border wall legislation and funding immediately is a simple capitulation by the House Speaker to the democrats who oppose the wall.  Those same democrats, mind you, rely on illegal votes to stay in power – something that would certainly be quelled by a reducing the flow of illegal immigration to a trickle.

The border wall would not only create a safer environment for the future of America, it would also allow the United States to finally rid itself of the several injured and completely fractured democraic party once and for all.


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