Bill Kristol Announces Campaign for Barack Obama’s Third Term [VIDEO]

When Bill Kristol announces a “third” candidate he is declaring he wants to hurt Donald Trump’s chances of beating Hillary Clinton.

When Bill Kristol announces via Twitter that there will be an alternative candidate to rival Donald Trump, what are his motives?

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If Bill Kristol is being truthful, then there can be only one result: Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) is more likely to win the presidency in 2016. It will be Barack Obama’s “third term.” Kristol must be aware of that fact. So we have to wonder what his motives are.

The idea that he is doing this merely because he wants to vote for someone else is ludicrous. He could easily write in the name of someone else if that was all that was motivating him. Also, running a candidate costs a lot of money. People don’t make that kind of investment without hoping for a tangible benefit. So what is Kristol hoping for?

I only see two possibilities and they are not mutually exclusive.

One is that Bill Kristol wants Hillary Clinton to win the White House. After all, she voted for the invasion of Iraq and has supported “regime change” (really chaos, murder, as jihadism) in Libya and Syria. That kind of commitment is exactly what Kristol wants in a president. Donald Trump, despite his pro-defense, pro-military positions, does not want to waste American blood and American treasure to re-make the Middle East. Nor is he interested in risking war with Russia over Ukraine as Hillary’s State Department did. So naturally Kristol wants to damage Trump’s chances of winning.

Another possibility is that Kristol fears that a Donald Trump presidency might be popular. If Trump was to pull off a more prosperous, more secure nation, that would mean voters would want to continue that kind of policy in the executive office. How would the Republican Establishment exert control over the Party if voters catch of vision of success with Trump as president? Better to never let that happen.

The upshot of both these possibilities is that Kristol is afraid that Donald Trump has a real chance of winning.

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