Video: Armed Home Intruder Picks on the Wrong Homeowner

An armed home intruder targeted the wrong homeowner in Lockland, Ohio earlier this week on Tuesday around 3:00 in the afternoon. The man was armed with a knife as he reportedly attempted to slit the homeowner’s throat. The homeowner responded with a bullet to the chest.

They don’t call this homeowner the neighborhood “defender” for nothing. Neighbors describe him as a “guy who welcomed everyone,” but who was not afraid to defend himself or his community when the need arose. In fact, neighbors said that if the armed home intruder had known the homeowner and what kind of person he was, this break-in would not have happened.

According to witnesses, three or four people pulled up to the house in a gold vehicle, and one of them got out and broke in the man’s house. As soon as the homeowner shot the armed home intruder, the others fled in their car.

Right after the intruder was shot in the chest, the homeowner called 911: “I need an ambulance, and I need the police here. A guy just tried to come in here and cut my throat, and he’s dying on the floor.”

This was Lockland, Ohio’s first homicide this year. Lockland Police Chief James Toles was at an “anti-gun violence” event downtown when he got the call about the shooting:

“I was Downtown at the (John Weld Peck) Federal Building doing anti-gun violence training with a positive cooperation between all the agencies working together to take gun violence off the street,” he said. “Unfortunately, I have to come back to the first homicide of Lockland in 2016.”

His lamenting of this incident is a bit puzzling, given that the alternative would have been a homeowner murdered by an armed home intruder with a knife. The way it turned out, the homeowner called 911 to send the police to clean up a mess that wouldn’t have happened had the intruder not broken into the man’s home. The police however are ruling the shooting to be self-defense.

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